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Hockey is full of awesome designs and graphics from goalie helmets, to jerseys, to products and so much more. These designs help make the game even better and without great, cool designed products, hockey would look pretty boring. To help make these designs, companies rely on people like Melanie, a freelance designer that has helped several people / companies in the world of hockey.

Melanie is a self-taught graphic designer who lives in NewYork. She is a first-generation American with parents from Romania (which plays into her designs for her store!) and fell in love with hockey, specifically goalies when she started watching and playing the game. She started doing mockups for the fun of goalie helmets and pads. When she started posting these mockups in various Facebook groups and started getting inquiries for helping goalies do mask designs. While getting some paid work and growing her client base, she started working with some very talented painters like STP Airbrush, MacMasks, and a few others. With her portfolio growing and getting a good reputation in the goalie community, she got an email last year (2019) from a big name company in the world of goaltending.

In 2019 Melanie got an email from Lefevre asking if she would be interested in helping them create graphics for pads. The email was kept secret since Lefevre was still under contract with CCM. Melanie agreed to keep the secret and she has designed all the graphics for three of the four lines (The L87 is the only one not designed by her). She was inspired by various hockey graphics and motorcycle equipment but wanted to do something different. It was a fun process for her to do and has since designed an upcoming line that is due to come out this spring (2021). She also said it is very exciting to see her work-worn by goalies in the NHL!

In addition to doing helmets and graphics for goalies and equipment companies, she has also started her own website / online store to create graphics for clothing for goalies. She wanted to create clothing that isn’t “cringey” and wants to create something for goalies that they can be proud to wear. It was another way for her to work within the artistic realm of hockey. She also is inspired to create a line for countries in the IIHF that are outside the one the common ones that everyone thinks of. She wants to show that hockey is growing outside of the traditional countries. Her site is called Her designs and store have helped grow the hockey community to know her and her work.

The future for Melanie and her M-Graphx company is bright. In addition to working with Lefevre, she is collaborating with the Russian hockey company, Mark Hockey, and has also started doing social media work for Women’s College Hockey Recruiting. She is doing this all while applying for dental school! Melanie is helping add some style to a great game! For more info on her or her company check out :



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