Arsenal Covet Hockey Stick Review

Quality hockey sticks are something everyone is wanting. From beer leaguers to competitive players everywhere (and parent’s wallets), all players are looking to get a quality stick that is light, durable, and offers great features for a price that doesn’t break the bank. That is where Arsenal hockey has stepped in. They released the Envy (check out our review here) in early 2018 and their newest release, the Covet, came out just in time for the holidays. The Covet features a lot of top end features without a top end price. By having a better balance and less weight it helps players get the most out of this stick without breaking the bank. The Covet is one of the best sticks you can get for under $150!


  • As stated, one of the best sticks for under $150 you can get!
  • Great balance… not bottom heavy like most sticks in the under $150 price point.
  • Great feel…Arsenal is quickly picking up a great reputation for their sticks having great puck feel. =
  • 45-day warranty (Most sticks have only a 30-day warranty. Adding a couple extra weeks can come in handy! )
  • Built for every type of player. Priced just right for the Weekend Warrior beer league, but also has features top end players are looking for.
  • Very light…probably comprable to something in the $200 price point from the larger brands.
  • Free shipping and can buy with Amazon Prime!


  • Only one … one flex one pattern. However, it is the most common pattern and flex… 85 and P92 (Backstrom). However, Arsenal will be adding more flex and curve options

Overall, this stick is amazing! Arsenal Hockey does it again and sets the bar very high with the Covet, just like the Envy did for sticks in its price point. Arsenal hockey continues to amaze and prove that you don’t need the big brands every time.

To learn more about Arsenal check them out here!

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