Arsenal Envy Stick Review

Hockey sticks are expensive! It seems like every year the top end sticks get more and more expensive but the lower end ones, do not get the attention they deserve which are the ones the majority of average beer leaguers buy! Now, there is a new hockey company on the market that is focusing on the average beer leaguer! That company is Arsenal and they have released their first product, the Envy hockey stick. The Envy offers players a great feel, a good looking stick, and the value of a mid-model stick as compared to ( insert major brand here), without breaking the bank!

The Pros & Cons of the Arsenal Envy

  • The stick has tremendous feel.
  • The blade has great pop for a shot but also doesn’t have the problem of having passes fly off the blade. (Kind of the opposite of the RBZ from CCM a few years ago.)
  • The stick is balanced nicely. It is a bit bottom heavy, but you don’t notice it once you start using it.
  • The finish is great! It doesn’t have a grip or the sandpaper tacky finish to it. It also doesn’t have a slick/shiny finish
  • An awesome stick for the price
  • There is only one flex. I prefer a 75 flex since I never really “lean” into a shot and the 85 has always felt a bit stiff in almost every brand I have tried. However, I know that they are coming out with a 75 in the future and the 85 is the most popular flex on the market.
  • There is only one curve. Again, I am somewhat picky, and I prefer a PM9 or Stamos curve. Playing mostly goalie for the majority of my “career”, I love a “straight curve”. They are making more curves in the future but for right now, the Envy is only available in the P92 or Backstrom.
  • The weight is noticeable, but for below $90, it’s not going to be the Bauer ADV. It is a tad on the heavier side but one won’t notice it if they are used to low end to midline sticks.

Overall the Envy offers a great value to the average beer league player without breaking the bank. It has a great feel, a nice graphic, and an incredible value all for below $90! The Envy is a great stick that is truly built with the beer leaguer in mind.

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  1. The Hockey Arsenal on March 23, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for the thorough review! Love the compliments and the honesty. You nailed our objective. We love beer league hockey and we love making sticks for beer leaguers! We are looking forward to growing our offerings (more flexes, more curves, and more sticks!). Hopefully, your readers will enjoy the Arsenal Envy, too.