What Did The Bauer LightSpeed Edge Holder Do For Hockey

Over the last few seasons, there really hasn’t been many changes to hockey equipment! Of course, sticks are getting even lighter and more expensive. The same can be said for skates, but besides that, for beer leaguers and weekend warriors, not much new has come down the pipeline. However, with that said, there is one thing that has revolutionized the game from the NHL to Beer League! That piece of equipment is the Bauer LightSpeed Edge holder. The LightSpeed Edge Tuuk has changed the way everyone from pros to beleaguers can change steel!

The LightSpeed Edge is so revolutionary because of the way it is designed. It allows the player to change steel very easily with the squeeze of a trigger! No other holder offers a simpler system. With older models of the Bauer Tuuk holder, you would need a special tool. This tool allows the player, after removing the footbed inside the skate, to remove either one or two screws that attach the steel from inside the skate. Other brand’s holders, such as CCM / Reebok, are a bit easier. Their holders allow the player to be able to attach the steel from outside the skate with two screw attachments. Another brand, Graf, almost got it simple enough. Their holder had a screw in the very back and outside of the holder. However, Bauer has really changed it with the trigger system. This simple design is very revolutionary!

The LightSpeed Edge holder’s simple design allows a huge advantage because now everyone can change their own steel. This is important for everyone from Beer Leaguers to NHLers. It is important because if you lose an edge or want a fresh sharpen and can’t make it to the pro shop before the game, you can pop in new steel in seconds! This ability is a lifesaver for players in tournaments or at a high level, where multiple games are played in a short time.

When it is time to change the steel out, it can be done in just a few steps.

  • First, squeeze the trigger under the heel
  • Pull the steel out
  • Grab the new steel and place it in the toe of the skate first
  • Grab a towel or glove to place over the steel as you press the back half in and wait till you hear a pop and see that it is in the holder secure
  • Click here to see more “formal” instructions by Bauer

As you can tell, it’s pretty simple. There are no extra tools needed and it can be done in seconds!

While there hasn’t been much change in overall equipment except for weight and price, the LightSpeed Edge holder has changed the way that everyone can change their steel!

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