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It’s almost that time…rinks are starting to open and leagues are restarting. Is your team trying to come out of the shutdown looking good to play good? Do you need to take your team’s style up a notch? That is where one of the newest companies on the jersey scene can help out! Beauty Unis, is a new hockey jersey company that is creating fresh and unique designs for its customers.


Beauty Unis started a little over a year ago with the idea of creating unique beer league uniforms that help your team get noticed. The guy behind Beauty Unis is Casey Sprogis, another fellow hockey player who has been playing for several years. He started playing hockey at the age of 10. He continued playing NCRHA for the University of Maine, and he continues playing in beer leagues to this day. With all the years, he has seen several jerseys! By playing so much, and having a passion for jersey design, he had a unique style and wanted to bring his style to the masses.

With Casey’s many years in hockey, he has loved jersey designs. He taught himself all the design software and started doing concepts. He has designed jerseys for several teams. He has had projects ranging from the AHL to local beer and pond hockey teams. It’s his unique (but simple) approach to his jerseys. The process Casey takes is by taking a customer’s idea and meeting with them to help them give the jersey they want. (Even sometimes they don’t even know what they want.) Casey tries to tackle each project with a unique approach that is still a classic hockey look. By doing the approach of taking the time to talk to every customer, Beauty Unis can create a very unique and original design tailored to the customer.


While Beauty Unis is just starting, Casey isn’t slowing down. He is offering more than just jerseys. This summer, he is expanding his business to now include apparel! He is looking to use the apparel as a way to help grow the name of Beauty Unis. In addition to the apparel, Beauty Unis can help get your team shells, and socks to get you the full fresh look your team needs.


Team uniforms are starting to become a very personal thing for beer leaguers. Beauty Unis is making sure teams are getting an awesome one of a kind look with a hands-on approach. So for your next uniform choice, check them out!

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