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Who doesn’t like beer and hockey together, and who doesn’t like playing tournaments? While there are plenty of tournaments for beer leaguer’s to play in all over the country, there’s a company in Florida looking to change up the average tournament and make it a beer leaguer’s dream. Beer League Hockey Championships is aiming to be the premier hockey beer league tournament series in the US by having regionals and a national tournament and offering the winners a full case of beer! 



A new kind of beer league tournament? 


It’s a beer league tournament but what makes this different? There isn’t a simple answer. The founder of this tournament series is a passionate guy named Wes. He loves everything hockey from coaching kids and helping out several programs, to playing and organizing beer league hockey (and tournaments). He is doing all of this from an underserved hockey market in Florida! 


While he was involved with his kids’ programs, he saw several tournaments aimed at kids, but nothing that targeted the local adults. He wanted to create a tournament series for the growing beer league community! While there may be one or two bigger tournament series that come to Florida, it doesn’t target the local scene. These are destination tournaments. With Beer League Hockey Championships, Wes knows a lot of the guys that play in his events! His events are tailored to his market. 


A Beer League Hockey Championships is unique in its’ prize for the winner. It isn’t cash, its not medals or a trophy, its … beer! One full case of cold pops for each player on the winning squad! Who wouldn’t want that? The beer varies too, as Wes partners with local breweries to help put on his events. Who doesn’t want to get a full case of beer after winning a big tournament? 


There is more to Beer League Hockey Championships than just beer too! Wes tailors divisions to the skill levels that sign up. In addition to that, he isn’t afraid (and said he’s done it before) to kick sandbaggers out. That is usually unheard of in tournaments! In addition to the divisions, he says all events are USA hockey officiated. This ensures all refs know the rules and are certified. Beer League Hockey Tournaments have all the pieces in place to ensure they have a great on-ice product! 


In addition to the full case of beer for the winner, another thing that separates Beer League Hockey Championships from others is the off ice activities. With each tournament, Wes has off ice entertainment. He brings in live music (either band or dj), to ensure its a good time. In addition to the live music, he tries to partner with local food and breweries (or if the arena offers food, the local rink) to have food for players. If tournaments are big enough, he tries to have extras activities like Sauce Toss tournaments. These extras encourage players to hang at the rink and create a community! With Beer League Hockey Championships paying attention to the little details, it is sure to be a memorable event! 



Where is Beer League Hockey Championships in the future? 


The future of the Beer League Hockey Championships is bright! While they are based in Florida right now, they are looking to expand in 2020 and 2021. Wes is hoping to adapt what I would like to call a roller hockey model to his tournament series. He is hoping to have four tournaments in different states and then create a national one. (Sort of like the 3 major roller hockey tournament franchises do.)  This would be the first that we know of for an ice hockey tournament series to try. 


The states that Beer League Hockey Championships could be coming to in the future include Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, in addition to Florida. The idea behind this then is to see who has the best beer league team! Of course, as the tournaments keep growing, the states added to that list would as well. 


Beer and hockey do go well together, and who wouldn’t want to win a full case after a weekend of hockey? With Beer League Hockey Championships, they are aiming to be the premier hockey beer league tournament series in the US. By having a strong base in Florida, and growing to hockey driving states in the near future, they are well on their way! 


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