Best Off Ice Training Aids for the 2018 Season

It is that time of year again! Summer is almost over, school is back in session and summer vacations are quickly ending. We know what that means, hockey season is right around the corner! We here at Beer League have compiled a guide to our favorite off-ice training aids. Check out the list below!

Best New Training Aid

The Super Deker

This is one of the best training aids out there. It is meant for anyone from kids to adults and beginners to pros. The object of the game is to stick handle the puck over the light sensor and get as many points in forty-five seconds as possible. There are three game modes (one of them being a pretty cool passing game!).

The Super Deker game

Best Off Ice Puck

The Green Biscuit / Green Biscuit Snipe

The Green Biscuit has been one of the best selling off-ice training pucks for quite a while now. It is designed to act and feel like an ice puck but on concrete. The puck is split in half and is connected by three shock absorbers which makes the puck able to glide over concrete relatively easy. The puck comes in many variations. The most popular is the original Green Biscuit meant for stickhandling, and the Green Biscuit Snipe which is the same as the original but is also a little bit stronger shock absorbers to allow for shooting.

Geen Biscuit Snipe

Best Quick Hands Training Ball

Any Sweedish Stickhandling Ball

These things are great! They are light and help train you for quicker hands. These work well on any surface. They are tried and true and haven't changed in years!

Swedish Hockey Ball

Best Training Ball

Smart Hockey Ball

The Smart Hockey Ball provides the same weight, feel and contact point on the blade as a regular ice hockey puck. These work best on polished concrete floors but still works on carpeting. They are also a great passing tool if you have an area big enough. You can't shoot the original but the Smart Hockey Maxx ball is meant to be shot. They come in several colors and are a great accessory!

Smart Hockey ball

Best Shooting Trainer

Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp

This thing is huge but it is nice because if you miss the net, you don't have to worry about chasing down pucks or breaking windows. (We have all been there... basement window off the crossbar anyone or just me) The tarp has the classic four corners and five-hole openings we are all used to. It comes in two sizes (16ft x 8ft  and 16ft w x 7ft ). If you have the room it is worth the investment!

Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp

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