Best Outdoor Roller Hockey Wheels for Summer 2020

With everything that has been going on recently around the world, many of us don’t have access to our usual rinks. With rinks closed, more and more people are playing outdoors. Many people have asked what is the best wheel for outdoor hockey play, so I have created a short guide to help you find the best outdoor wheel!



This is a very durable wheel. It is made of one of the hardest compounds on the market and can take on any surface.


Labeda Asphalt Roller Hockey Wheel

One of the longest made wheels on the list. This is one of the most versatile wheels, and depending on the hardness, you can get a sport court wheel all the way to a great wheel for smooth concrete.


Labeda Gripper Roller Hockey Wheel

A newer wheel for Labeda. It's a good all-around wheel. However, it is a bit softer than the Asphalt. It is recommended for use on smooth concrete surfaces.




Rocket 2X

One of the top-performing wheels for outdoor play. It uses a blend of materials to create a high performing outdoor wheel.


A great price point wheel and will fit any budget. This is a quality wheel from Konixx and will perform well on asphalt.



Asphalt Pro

Revision has made an asphalt wheel. This wheel offers great grip and speed no matter the surface.

Asphalt Multi

A new wheel from Revision. It is a softer wheel compared to their Asphalt Pro. It can be used on outdoor sport court, and smooth or coated concrete.



Quantum Outdoor

A wheel that is designed for high-end outdoor play. This wheel can be used on all types of outdoor surfaces.



HiLo Street

An outdoor street wheel designed to give players grip across all surfaces. This wheel is one of more budget-friendly wheels on the list and is usually sold in packs of 4.


Find these wheels at one of these hockey retailers!

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