Best Roller Hockey Wheels for Summer 2018

It is that time of year again, roller hockey season. Rinks all across the country are melting, and some of them, put down sport court for a summer full of roller hockey. There are also the 3 big tournaments just around the corner TORHS, NARCH, and State Wars. Are you ready for a summer filled with roller hockey? Here is a short wheel guide to help you get your roller blades tuned up for summer and ready to go with new wheels!

Best Outdoor Wheel

Labeda Asphalt

This is a very durable wheel. It is made of one of the hardest compounds on the market and can take on any surface.

Recommended for:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Traditional Skating Rinks
Labeda Asphalt Roller Hockey Wheel

Best Budget Wheel

Labeda Gripper

These wheels are great for any player on a budget. They offer lots of grip on an indoor surface like a sport court. However, they also make the wheel in a medium hardness, so these wheels can be used on wood or a traditional skating floor too.

Recommended for:

  • Sport Court
  • Wood floor
  • Traditional Skating Rinks


Labeda Gripper Roller Hockey Wheel

Best Value Wheel

Labeda Millennium

These wheels are great for any player! They offer lots of grip. They are the standard wheel for any beer league player who plays all their games on a sport court surface.

Recommended for:

  • Sport Court
Labeda Millennium Roller Hockey Wheel

Best High End Wheel

Revision Flex | Labeda Addiction

The Revision Flex wheel is the most innovative wheel out there. The core that the wheel is built around allows the player to fine tune their wheel set up, which is a very unique and high-end feature.

A close second is the Labeda Addiction. This wheel is used by lots of pro players in every major tournament. It is one of Labeda's top wheels and offers high-end flex and performance.

Recommended for:

  • Sport Court

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