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,One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment to the average player is steel, blades, or runners, however, you would like to say it. Bladetech Hockey is a newer steel company that is innovating steel and giving high-quality steel with great value.  Bladetech Hockey is one of the best aftermarket steel companies on the market right now.


Bladetech’s steel is very high quality no matter what finish you get. They also coat it to help your edges last longer and stay sharper.. It is a nice touch that you can get on their base mirrored steel starting at $99 USD. You can get other finishes as well including black, diamond coated or create your own customized colored coated steel! I have skated for about 8 hours and still don’t feel the need to get my skates sharpened.


Bladetech’s steel is designed differently than most other steel companies. This is where their Flex Force Advantage technology comes into play. (See our full article on Bladetech here). The Flex Force is noticeable when finishing your stride. You’ll get slightly longer contact with the ice at the toe of your skate. Some people might notice it, and some might not. For those that do, it might take a short adjustment period as it can feel like the steel is moving just slightly. However, once you get used to it, you’ll probably notice a bit more of a powerful stride since the steel can “flex” due to the indent in the front part of the steel that hooks into the front part of the holder.


In addition to holding edges a bit longer and the ability to have the runners flex, Bladetech allows you to customize your steel.The Bladetech Hockey online shop also offeres sharpening or adding a radius to any set of steel so that way when you get them, they are ready to go out of the box! 


The last thing to note about Bladetech, and it’s a really cool detail that most players might overlook, is that the packaging. The packaging also doubles as a case for your extra set of steel. It comes shipped in durable plastic. It can re-open and re-close. If you want to use multiple sets of steel, you can use their packaging! 


Overall, this steel is an awesome product. Bladetech packs a lot of features and even though they have some higher-end technology built-in, they aren’t charging more than their competitors. If you’re looking for an aftermarket steel Bladetech Hockey is an excellent choice! 


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  1. Bill Burniece on January 12, 2022 at 9:17 pm

    Bladetech sounds great. The problem I usually run into is that I still rock Easton skates that have been discontinued for quite some time. Do you know if they carry older replacement models?

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