full right goalie

What Is A Full Right Goalie?

By The Beer League Tribune / January 15, 2018

What is a full right goalie? I have been asked that several times! A full right goalie is a goalie, who wears the blocker on their left hand, and their glove on their right. For whatever reason, there aren’t many full right goalies out there! There are only a handful of NHL goalies including Louis Domingue…

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Skate being sharpened at Total Hockey

Skate Sharpening Basics

By The Beer League Tribune / January 10, 2018

Dull skates… nothing could be worse, maybe being out of tape or forgetting your jock or jill, but dull skates are up there! Ever wonder what is truly a skate sharpening? What does it mean when you get a 1/2″ cut? This short article will help explain some of the basics of skate sharpening and…

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People playing pond hockey on a snowy winter day

Pond Hockey

By The Beer League Tribune / January 7, 2018

There isn’t much that beats pond hockey, and over the past few days, it seems like most of North America has gotten to experience one of the best ways to play hockey!  With pond hockey so accessible over this week, it has certainly created some new fans and players for this great game. What makes…

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Alkali Narch Pro team

Cody Kettler

By The Beer League Tribune / September 22, 2017

The Beer League Tribune had the pleasure to catch up with Cody after a very successful summer inline tournament season. This past summer, he had the opportunity to play for his usual team of Alkali RPD where he won NARCh Pro against the Mission Labeda Snipers and he got to represent his country again for…

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