skate sharpening

Skate Sharpening Chart

By The Beer League Tribune / September 10, 2018

Going to get your skates sharpened? Do you remember what you had? Do you want to try something different or try the Flat Bottom V? See our skate sharpening chart below for the most common cuts and their Flat Bottom V equivalent. Want to learn more about skate sharpening basics? Check out an earlier article…

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Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp

Best Off Ice Training Aids for the 2018 Season

By The Beer League Tribune / September 6, 2018

It is that time of year again! Summer is almost over, school is back in session and summer vacations are quickly ending. We know what that means, hockey season is right around the corner! We here at Beer League have compiled a guide to our favorite off-ice training aids. Check out the list below!

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Bordercats Roller hockey team

The National Roller Hockey League

By The Beer League Tribune / August 23, 2018

Hockey in America is seeing growth in players year after year! The game has never been faster and never been more popular at the youth level. There is one professional league, that is hoping the fuel that growth even more, but in the roller hockey sector of the game. The National Roller Hockey League is…

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Jerseys Made Easy

By The Beer League Tribune / August 14, 2018

We all want to be on that team that has the best looking jerseys! It goes back to that classic saying “You gotta look good to play good”. That is where can come in. With no hidden fees, the ability to do custom work, a dedication to reliability and customer service, takes the…

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Infinity Goalie

By The Beer League Tribune / August 1, 2018

Buying goalie pads is not an easy task. There are several variables that go into it such as, do I have a hockey store that stocks goalie equipment and do they have my size or hand in stock? Does that store have the big name brand that I wanted to try or continue using? If…

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Beer League hockey players playing a game of hockey.

Hockey Tracker App

By The Beer League Tribune / July 14, 2018

Ever wanted to have the ability to get advanced stats like the pros? The ability to see your progression over time with real numbers, and advanced stats, as a hockey player has not been around until wearable devices came out, and even then, it was just whatever your Fuel Band or Fit Bit could track.…

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A picture of the Elevate Hockey stick used on ice

Elevate Hockey Stick

By The Beer League Tribune / June 30, 2018

Earlier this month Elevate Hockey launched their attempt to re-invent the hockey stick as we know it! Their idea of the hockey stick is quite a bit different than the traditional one that’s been used for as long as the game has been played! Their concept of a dual axis hockey shaft that allows players…

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Roller hockey skate showing Labeda Addiction roller hockey wheel

Best Roller Hockey Wheels for Summer 2018

By The Beer League Tribune / May 6, 2018

It is that time of year again, roller hockey season. Rinks all across the country are melting, and some of them, put down sport court for a summer full of roller hockey. There are also the 3 big tournaments just around the corner TORHS, NARCH, and State Wars. Are you ready for a summer filled…

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A wall at Pure Hockey full of New Skates.

The Pros and Cons of Baking New Skates

By The Beer League Tribune / April 22, 2018

We all love getting new skates! The newer models are so much lighter and have new features that make it exciting. With getting new skates, the one thing that many people dislike, besides the price points, is breaking them in. However, over about the last 20 years, there has been a process called baking skates.…

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Bauer LightSpeed Edge Holder

What Did The Bauer LightSpeed Edge Holder Do For Hockey

By The Beer League Tribune / March 31, 2018

Over the last few seasons, there really hasn’t been many changes to hockey equipment! Of course, sticks are getting even lighter and more expensive. The same can be said for skates, but besides that, for beer leaguers and weekend warriors, not much new has come down the pipeline. However, with that said, there is one…

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