Third Assist Pond Hockey Gloves – Review

By The Beer League Tribune / January 16, 2021

Who doesn’t love pond hockey aka our szn? It takes the game back to its original roots. I love it and find there isn’t much else better. However, being out in the cold might not be for everyone. That is where this super cool and unique product comes in. Third Assist has created a glove…

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New Hockey Products

By The Beer League Tribune / December 18, 2020

How do new hockey products take shape? It usually takes a person or group that is out to solve a problem. In hockey, most of the new products do solve problems. The last major one that took shape at all levels was the Bauer LS Edge (Trigger Release) . There have been a few shaping…

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broken hockey stick needing hockey stick reapir

Hockey Stick Repair

By The Beer League Tribune / December 7, 2020

.My name is Randy Langille, founder of Integral Hockey Stick Repair and I have spent my working life manufacturing and repairing different products ranging from Kayaks and small boats, to aircraft components, to luxury yachts.   In 1994, I repaired my first composite hockey sticks as an experiment to see how well it would hold…

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Holiday Hockey Gifts Guide 2020

By The Beer League Tribune / November 22, 2020

The holidays are quickly approaching, do you have the hockey players on your list covered? If not, we have put together a hockey gift guide of independent hockey companies that have some great products. Each company offers some awesome products that will help you get the most of your dollar and give a great gift! …

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How are small hockey companies like craft beer companies?

By The Beer League Tribune / November 9, 2020

Is there anything better than hockey and beer? Yes, hockey and craft beer! Did you know that small hockey businesses are like craft beer breweries? They build unique products unique to the industry and take up similar market share, and by helping smaller companies grow, players can have a better more diverse product offering across…

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Hockey sticks at a retail store

Why hockey stick cost are so high?

By The Beer League Tribune / September 28, 2020

Let’s face it… hockey is very expensive. One of the main things that people complain about is the price of hockey sticks. As every year passes, the price of hockey sticks has gone up. The price of hockey stick cost keeps going up because of technology, sponsors, retailers, and big business.   Sidney Crosby is…

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Adding style to the game

By The Beer League Tribune / September 3, 2020

Hockey is full of awesome designs and graphics from goalie helmets, to jerseys, to products and so much more. These designs help make the game even better and without great, cool designed products, hockey would look pretty boring. To help make these designs, companies rely on people like Melanie, a freelance designer that has helped…

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Beauty Unis

By The Beer League Tribune / August 16, 2020

It’s almost that time…rinks are starting to open and leagues are restarting. Is your team trying to come out of the shutdown looking good to play good? Do you need to take your team’s style up a notch? That is where one of the newest companies on the jersey scene can help out! Beauty Unis,…

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Third Assist Hockey

By The Beer League Tribune / June 15, 2020

Is there anything better than classic outdoor hockey? There is a sense of tradition that comes with playing outside on frozen ponds or the neighborhood outdoor rink. Hockey is a timeless game and hockey players love the traditions of the game. There is a company that is helping hockey players carry out the tradition of…

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Two kids holding Diezel Hockey sticks

Diezel Hockey

By The Beer League Tribune / June 1, 2020

Big hockey stick companies are leaving out half the market! Hockey sticks have gotten super technical for all players across the board and at all levels from a new guy starting to play at 30 to the first-round draft pick that needs the high-end stick. However, there is a large portion of the hockey market…

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