Hockey Players Club X1X Review

By The Beer League Tribune / September 3, 2019

The price of sticks keeps going up and up. The new Bauer Flylite will cost you $300 (USD) this year. The price of a top-end stick has gone up almost every year. The Hockey Players Club X1X is helping hockey families combat high prices and still give a top-performing stick with all the features and…

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Lumbr Hockey

By The Beer League Tribune / June 12, 2019

Over the past few years, the gap between big brand hockey stick companies and small startup companies has been narrowed. There is one new hockey company looking to show customers these brands, Lumbr Hockey.     Lumbr Hockey is a hockey stick website that finds boutique stick brands that focus on building a quality hockey…

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Hockey Player's Club tape

Our Type of Club – The Hockey Player’s Club

By The Beer League Tribune / April 15, 2019

It’s every hockey player’s worst nightmare… getting to the rink and realizing that you forgot to pick up tape. Now you get to be that guy that asks for tape. This used to be a scene in every locker room until recently. This is where The Hockey Players Club stepped in. The Hockey Players Club…

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Players with various skates taking a faceoff is the cover photo for our Skate Fitting Guide.

Hockey Skate Fitting Guide

By The Beer League Tribune / February 12, 2019

Hockey skates are one of the most expensive but most important pieces of equipment! However, let’s be honest, skates are literally a pain to buy. They cost a lot and they are very uncomfortable at the start. Because of these facts, we have written a short guide to help answer some of your questions about…

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Arsenal Covet Hockey Stick

Arsenal Covet Hockey Stick Review

By The Beer League Tribune / January 28, 2019

Quality hockey sticks are something everyone is wanting. From beer leaguers to competitive players everywhere (and parent’s wallets), all players are looking to get a quality stick that is light, durable, and offers great features for a price that doesn’t break the bank. That is where Arsenal hockey has stepped in. They released the Envy…

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A hockey dressing room filled with hockey equipment.

Hockey Equipment

By The Beer League Tribune / January 7, 2019

Hockey equipment is expensive! Especially when you’re talking Bauer, CCM, True, Warrior or any of the other major brands! (Not talking even about goalie equipment…Vaughn, Brians, or any other brand already mentioned). There are the exceptions and the need for all the features of the big brand’s top hockey equipment. However, if you’re a beer…

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Channel Z Sharpener

Pro Sharp Channel Z Sharpening

By The Beer League Tribune / November 28, 2018

There is always something new for folks to try to get the most out of their game. We have covered some of those things on this blog from the Elevate stick to the Hockey Tracker App. Today is no different, we caught wind of a new way to sharpen your skates. It is becoming more…

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Violent Gentlemen hockey apparel

More than a brand, a Community of Hockey People … The Violent Gentlemen

By The Beer League Tribune / September 27, 2018

A community can be defined as the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common *. Hockey has one of the best communities out there! There is something for everyone from the NHL and beer leagues to the clothing and equipment and everything in between. The community within hockey is one of…

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Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp

Best Off Ice Training Aids for the 2018 Season

By The Beer League Tribune / September 6, 2018

It is that time of year again! Summer is almost over, school is back in session and summer vacations are quickly ending. We know what that means, hockey season is right around the corner! We here at Beer League have compiled a guide to our favorite off-ice training aids. Check out the list below!

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Jerseys Made Easy

By The Beer League Tribune / August 14, 2018

We all want to be on that team that has the best looking jerseys! It goes back to that classic saying “You gotta look good to play good”. That is where can come in. With no hidden fees, the ability to do custom work, a dedication to reliability and customer service, takes the…

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