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Big hockey stick companies are leaving out half the market! Hockey sticks have gotten super technical for all players across the board and at all levels from a new guy starting to play at 30 to the first-round draft pick that needs the high-end stick. However, there is a large portion of the hockey market that has been left untouched… the youth market. That is until a few years ago. Diezel Hockey manufactures sticks designed towards youth players that are lighter and targeted at specific flexes for smaller players. 


Diezel hockey started in 2018 and was founded by Anthony DiCamillo, a hockey parent in New Canaan Connecticut. Anthony had two kids playing hockey and noticed that he couldn’t get a stick in a bigger brand that was built specifically for that age. This gave him the idea to look into carbon fiber sticks for kids. 


Carbon fiber youth sticks in 2018 weren’t a new idea but they were something that CCM and Bauer didn’t pay much attention to. There were a few other brands back then but both are small Canadian manufacturers that aren’t in many hockey shops here in the states. So, Anthony decided he could create a better stick than the bigger companies! 


Diezel Hockey has set out to be the leader in youth sticks. They are aiming to do this in a few different ways. The first way is, they have some of the lightest models on the market. Their sticks are lighter than even the small Canadian manufacturers, who they consider their main competition. In addition to the light sticks, they have a flex chart that coordinates to the player. This ensures that the player is getting the proper flex for their weight and teaches good habits early. (If you didn’t get good habits or would like to learn more about flex, check out our article here.)  The other way they are getting into the market is by having exciting graphics. The graphics are geared towards younger players. They aren’t the stock graphics just scaled down like on a bigger brand youth stick. By having a great stick that is attracting more youth players, Diezel hockey is starting to grow. 


Diezel hockey is looking to the future! Their plans include to get into regional hockey shops in the North East and go to hockey events on the East Coast. They are planning a guerilla growth style similar to ButtEndz. Diezel is expanding its patterns to offer the P88. Most companies only offer one pattern (usually P92 or P88). They also hope to be able to do custom team colors and custom sticks someday soon! 


Diezel hockey is hoping to be the new name of the stick you think of when you think of youth hockey! Through creating a stick that is lighter, having flex points designed specifically for the player, and cool graphics that attract youth, they are doing just that! 


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