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Earlier this month Elevate Hockey launched their attempt to re-invent the hockey stick as we know it! Their idea of the hockey stick is quite a bit different than the traditional one that’s been used for as long as the game has been played! Their concept of a dual axis hockey shaft that allows players to get more power, precision, and accuracy behind their shot. If this takes off, the hockey stick, and the game could be changed forever.


Elevate Hockey was started by the company’s founder Andy Omen. He took a basic floor hockey stick and started playing with various ways he could tweak the shaft to get more power and better performance. Once he got his initial prototype, it’s been off to the races to get the stick into the player’s hands.


He has had several prototypes to finally get a stick that performs well. The design that Elevate came up with is a dual axis shaft. This concept allows for players to get more power and accuracy behind their shot due to the bend in the shaft. Also, due to the unique design, it is harder for goalies to get a read on the face of the blade to predict where the shot was going. With more power behind your shot and less predictability on the part of the goalie, it is certainly gaining the attention of the hockey community.


With such a change to the stick as we know it, it is going to take a community effort to bring it to the masses! To help get behind this awesome project, check out the Elevate Kickstarter here.


The stick was successfully funded! To view Elevate’s website click here.


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