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With most states doing some sort of stay at home order, and summer around the corner, do you know what that means? Yes, street hockey is happening! Everyone from mini mites to top NHL players are outside taking over the street. However, are you prepared with a street hockey stick? This article will help you find the best street hockey stick.

There are a few different options you can use when tearing up the driveway and denting garage doors! These options vary but the end result is the same, they all let you play outside without ruining your $300 stick. (If you’re looking to save a few bucks on your next stick, check out our new Gear Section for suggestions).

The Free Option

This might be the best option for some folks. If you have an old wood stick lying around or a decent stick that’s “broken” and not useable for ice, it might be the best thing for working on the mits in the driveway. Who cares if you’re going to tear up the blade? It was deemed not useable for ice hockey anyway. So a cracked blade or a shaft that might be starting to break would be perfect for just stickhandling in the driveway. If you’re looking to do more than that, then the next two options would be more suited for you. 

The Street hockey stick

This is one of the more popular options. This option can be found almost anywhere from Walmart to big box sporting good stores. The sticks usually are wooden or low-level composite shafts with a plastic blade. Some have even had holes in the blade. ( Very popular that even Bauer ripped off this design earlier this year!) There is also a type of plastic called ABS and a lot of street hockey sticks have gone to this option too.

Sticks can be a variety of prices in this area. This is because some sticks can come with a wooden shaft and an ABS blade, which would make them cheaper. While others can come with a composite shaft and an ABS blade, which would bring up the price. ( Check out Inline Warehouse for a full line of ABS composite sticks.  Check out Franklin Street Hockey for the Wooden & ABS options.)

The Wrap Around

This is the newest option and quickly gaining traction for players. This option allows you to use your current ice hockey stick outside. This product is a plastic cover that goes around your blade from the heel and wraps the toe. Most players use a few pieces of tape that hold it to the blade better. This product retails for about $30!

All three options are great for any type of player. The best part about all options is that they allow us to get outside and play the game we all love during a time that most of us can’t skate right now.

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