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We have all been there, watching a game with friends, and then you see your favorite player have a piece of equipment that you haven’t seen in your hockey store. Up until a few months ago, you would have to post that question to friends, or various internet / FaceBook groups to figure out. However, now there is GearGeek offers everyone from Beer Leaguers to the average NHL fan, a great insight into what equipment the players are using.

GearGeek is a great website, and perhaps the first of it’s kind. It offers a full database of players, teams, and current equipment that NHL players use. The equipment that is listed goes beyond the most popular items of skates and sticks, but also offers what gloves, helmets, and pants they use. (Basically, if you can see it, they have it listed.) Perhaps, the most unique feature on this site is the various ways it breaks down what is used. The site offers several ways to view what is used including:

  • League Wide Break down (homepage)
  • It also breaks down brands by team use. (As of this writing, according to GearGeek, all Carolina Hurricane players use Bauer skates!)
  • Have a favorite team? See the break down by individual player and exactly what they use.
  • You can even view equipment by position. Do you want to see how many left-wingers use the latest Bauer stick? GearGeek has you covered!
  • They even offer some insights on what the top 20 points leaders and top 20 highest paid players use.

The site is very slick looking, as well as easy to use! The graphs give a nice visual representation of what is used, and the pictures of the equipment, help visitors keep track of what is what since most brands have multiple lines.They also have some player photos so you can actually put a “name with a face”. These visuals are a nice extra touch, and can really help players, and fans really know the equipment!

The next time you see your favorite player using a piece of equipment you don’t recognize, you now have a place to go.GearGeek is an amazing website that helps players and fans know what type of equipment the NHL guys are using!

Click the logo below to check out GearGeek!

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