Hoapa Hockey Stick Review

Ever wanted to feel like a pro hockey player and get a fully customized stick like them? Well now, thanks to a new hockey company called Hoapa you can! I got the chance to try out a Hoapa hockey stick and I was absolutely thrilled with the results!

* I think it’s important to show all the various options when ordering. So, I shared some insight on that process since it is so custom!

Online Ordering

One thing that is different about Hoapa Hockey compared to every other stick company including the big name brands is how you order. (Check out the video). When you order a stick from them, it is made for you. They have hundreds of combinations you can use to build your stick. For mine, I wanted something you can’t find in-store anymore. I went with a non-grip shaft (like we’re back in 2007!) and then a classic Stamkos curve or P90. I also wanted to try out the Shark Skin texture. So that is the blade coating.

In addition to the textures of the materials, I found it interesting you can choose your weight, shaft length, and get a very low flex. For mine, I went low weight. I went with a 59” shaft length since I usually cut my sticks about an inch when I get them. What is great about Hoapa is that they re-balance the stick to the length you choose. Another advantage of this that if you order a shorter stick, it’s a true flex then. Usually, when you cut a stick, your stick gets a bit stiffer and loses flex points. Hoapa is the only company I know right now, that offers anything like this for just 1 stick and at below $200, you can’t beat it!

On Ice Review

The stick ships from the factory in Taiwan, and it took about 12 days from order to get it! When I got it I was very anxious to try it and did a brief session without tape on ice to try the sharkskin. I noticed some roller guys use the shark skin with no tape and wanted to see if that could go over to ice. While getting a quick chance to try it, I didn’t really like it without tape. I noticed that the blade didn’t grip the puck the same as it did with tape and wax. However, I do think for roller, it might be a nice switch and can’t wait to try it at a roller drop in if I ever get the chance!

As far as the stick goes, my specs are :

  • Low flex
  • 59 in stick
  • 70 flex
  • P90
  • Blue
  • No finish on the stick
  • Shark Skin on the blade

I got to skate a handful of times with the skate before all rinks shut down due to the Covid outbreak. However, the few times I took it out, I was very impressed. The stick is custom to the player so it is exactly what I wanted! There aren’t any gimmicky features. Instead of having a hole in the blade or some type of taper that gives better durability and flex, you get a non-gimmicky hockey stick built just for you. For someone that loves non-grip and a “straight curve”, you can’t ask for anything better!


  • Shaft is slightly concaved on the sides for better durability
  • Built just for me! I can’t stress enough how cool this is.
  • Balanced just for me at a 59” in and 70 flex stick.
  • Sharkskin is an interesting texture and feels like sandpaper. I noticed it a little bit but not much. However, I do like it and can’t wait to try it on a roller surface.
  • I don’t know if it is by design but because there isn’t much of a taper from shaft to blade (like a Warrior Dagger / Sabre taper), and because of how the P90 doesn’t have much of a curve, it kinda feels like where the curve starts it makes a nice pocket. A few others who tried the stick noticed as well. I really enjoyed having the puck sit a little far back right at that point. That is where I noticed I started most of my wrist shots.
  • Lots of pop in the blade, but yet soft enough to cradle hard passes
  • Very lite. You can choose that!


  • Not a con but I don’t think I would get Shark Skin on the shaft. I didn’t really like it on the very old CCM sticks back in 2008 when they had it. It feels like the same texture. Just isn’t the right fit for me.
  • Also, not a true con, but a thick blade when compared to other makers. Not noticeable, to beer leaguers most likely. Could be from the sharkskin, but had to stay consistent with our other reviews, and feedback from players who I let try the stick.


I love how I can get one of my favorite sticks I have tested built for me in a way that none of the major brands are doing right now and for under $200 shipped!

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  1. Brian on August 5, 2022 at 3:46 am

    I’ve had a few of these sticks and really like being able to customize the stick. I’ve now found that durability is an issue. I broke one of them on a pass…snapped about 8 inches above the blade in a scrum. This was near the end of the season going toward summer. Ordered a new one and used it in two games. Season ended with about a month off before new season. New stick broke during third game on a pass….about eight inches above the blade. Technically out of warranty and HOAPA refuses to replace. I get it, but that’s the end for me with them.

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