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What is the most important piece of a hockey player’s equipment? It has to be a player’s stick. You can’t play without one! A hockey player can be very particular about sticks, from pattern, to height, flex, materials and all the other options that go into it. This is where a new stick company comes in, Hoapa. They are doing something amazing to help hockey players out. Hoapa Hockey is giving the average beer league player the power of customizing nearly every aspect of their stick, with options usually reserved for sponsored or NHL players!

Hoapa is a new company that started in the late summer / early fall of 2019. While it is a new company, its team and factory have several years of making hockey sticks for other brands. In making the transition to become an independent manufacturer, Hoapa found they are able to make better sticks at a more affordable price for everyone.

Hoapa has partnered with a hockey industry expert named Charles who has been in the industry for a while and has helped consult for a lot of brands. He even founded the popular brand Verbero. He was approached by Hoapa to be a partner and help get their products known throughout the world and help them create a high-quality product that everyone not just the beer league guys love!

Hoapa has started breaking into hockey with a strong product line. They have three stick lines with each one offering something different for each player. The top stick line is called the PS1. The PS1 is something completely new for the average player. This stick is completely custom. There are so many options, I don’t know if there is any other company (including Bauer or CCM) that allows this many options to the average player, and especially for just a single stick. The PS1 allows players to choose stick length (down to the inch), weight, color, blade pattern (learn more about curves and patterns here), flex, kick-point and materials for the shaft and blade. The other amazing thing about the PS1 is the price. For just 1 stick and shipped anywhere, is $189! Nowhere else have we seen offer something like this. Each stick is made custom for each player. With such a great price tag and unlimited options, you could do all sorts of combinations that you wouldn’t find in your local pro shop!

In addition to the PS1, Hoapa offers another stick line that players can have some options and a lower price. The stick line is called the PS2, and offers some options similar to the PS1 line but not as precise. For example, the stick length comes in 54, 57, or 60 inch increments. The color options are also fewer. The shaft options are just a standard grip / non – grip (PS1 offers sharks skin and matte). The PS2 is also slightly less at the $129.99 price point (with free shipping). The PS2 is ideal for any player that wants to have some options, not break the bank and still get a quality stick.

If you don’t need a stick that’s custom, and you just want a “stock stick”, Hoapa has you covered there too. They offer a great value in these sticks that are comparable to sticks from the big brand at the $200 price point for $99. These sticks are high-quality one-piece sticks that offer a few standard options for the player.

Hoapa offers a wide variety of products and stick models for the senior player but they also offer their PS1 and PS2 lines in junior models. The junior models are a bit cheaper than their senior counterparts and also don’t offer as many custom options. However, both sticks are still great quality and offer a lot of value to the junior player!

Hoapa Hockey has great player sticks, but in addition to their player stick lines, they also have goalie sticks. The goalie sticks they offer, also offer some custom features like their player sticks. While the goalie sticks custom options are limited, the options are things that other companies don’t offer. You can get different textures for the shaft such as sharkskin, matte, grip or gloss. Then with the blade, you can get sharkskin or gloss. In addition to the materials, you can choose colors. As far as specs, you can get a 27 inch paddle (Learn more about goalie paddle lengths here) and it comes in a P31 blade pattern. The goalie stick offered by Hoapa is one of the first custom composite options for goalies.

The sticks that Hoapa offers are truly one of a kind. Hoapa is truly one of a kind company that is doing something never before seen in the game. This new company is literally giving all beer league players of every skill level legit customizations that you only see at a pro-level. Every stick is made and balanced for the player. No other stick company is putting the average player first!

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