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Small hockey business is looking to help push the game forward for the average player who didn’t make it to “the show”.

Hockey is constantly growing and constantly changing. Part of the change is with the off ice stuff too as the small business side of things. Listed below are some great small hockey businesses that are looking to change the game and bring beer league players great products.

Elevate Hockey

One of the most creative hockey businesses. They are innovating a new style of stick for beer league players to try. Elevate’s shaft design is aimed to give players better accuracy, quicker release, and more velocity.


This hockey business started as off ice trainers and now has evolved into a whole product line of holders from roller to ice. This product is aimed at giving an on-ice feel for off ice skates and then more blade contact on the ice. Giving better performance across all types of skating surfaces

Hockey Community

A social network that is connecting beer league players all over the world. They also have a really cool league software that is there to help modernize how your league works. (You can even get line chemistry stats!)

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Hockey Players Club

Another shout out to the guys over at HPC. Before the podcasts, videos, and sticks, they help get hockey players to get the goods they always forget. Need tape, wax, or any other consumables that you might forget for that 10:30 Wednesday night game? They got you with their subscriptions.

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One of the newest stick companies. They are looking to give total customization on their sticks in the players hands. You can select materials, weight and shaft length, as well as the other standard options.

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Hockey Tracker

If you have an iPhone and an iWatch then this app is for you. Track in-game stats and get results such as distance skated, hear rate, ginos, apples and all the cookies you get when you’re tearing up beer league.

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Center Ice Brewery

It’s not a hockey product per se, but just as important. There’s a brewery in St.Louis dedicated to hockey and one of the best hockey themed bars. If you’re in STL, its worth it to grab a hockey-themed beer for your next 11:00pm Tuesday night skate.


Buttends helps give you a new style of grip. Their grips save you tape for your butt end. Their grips are also aimed at giving you a better feel and control of your stick. 

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