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Hockey equipment is expensive! Especially when you’re talking Bauer, CCM, True, Warrior or any of the other major brands! (Not talking even about goalie equipment…Vaughn, Brians, or any other brand already mentioned). There are the exceptions and the need for all the features of the big brand’s top hockey equipment. However, if you’re a beer leaguer, a high school or college player on a budget, or looking to get the best bang for your buck, we have put together a list of some of the best brands geared towards everyone who isn’t in “the show”.

Hockey Sticks

  • Arsenal – The Beer League Tribune has dubbed it the eventual Bauer of Beer League. They have 2 stick lines right now (Envy and Covet) and are targeting the beer leaguer with high-quality sticks. We got to check out the Arsenal Envy and wrote a review. We get to try the Covet soon and will have another review in the near future.
  • Elevate – Literally reinventing how the hockey stick is perceived. The bent axis point allows for a harder more accurate shot! Check it out and get yours today! For more info, check out our feature on it here.
  • All Black – Says it in the name. Providing quality sticks for all different levels and can be seen at all different levels. From beer league to high school they have whatever league you’re in cover.
  • Alaska Twigs – A new stick company that offers a “ the most precise mid-kick” stick on the market.
  • Base – Custom hockey stick that offers in-person fittings to make sure you get the most out of your stick. You can also build custom sticks online. They also offer junior sticks with adult blades.
  • Vikella – A Finnish Juinor and Youth stick company that offers appropriate flexes and an amplified kick point for the younger players.
  • Monster – A hockey stick company that focuses in on small batches and being known for quality. They also have been known for having a lighter stick on a non-traditional brand market.
  • Raven Hockey – a hockey stick company built for junior players. They offer a color coded system to help parents and kids know what stick is best for them (and in the future when it’s time for a new one). The flexes are designed specifically for the junior player.
  • No Name – a hockey stick company that is focused on bringing you a completely custom stick from graphics, patterns, flex points and kick points . They have recently also started making custom gloves. They can do custom color and team names across the cuff to make your mitts stand out.
  • Twig Hockey Company – a hockey stick company that features its second generation of sticks which offers a tougher and lighter stick. The company also offers a foam core goalie stick (regular only.). The company has been around since 2015 to help save Beer Leaguers everywhere save money!
  • Lumbr Hockey – A website that allows you to find your next favorite stick. All sticks are top quality and only $99!


  • Infinity – one of the newest companies on the market that is offering an industry first…a trial period! Try out the pads for up to two weeks before buying to really make sure you like them! They also offer 2 lines of custom goalie sticks. All stuff is made in Canada as well! Check out our feature on them here.
  • JRZ – This legendary manufacturer is back. JRZ used to make equipment for Itech and a line for Bauer for a short time after Bauer bought out Itech. They can do custom equipment with a lot of options!
  • Northstar Sticks – A great foam core stick company that makes SherWood 9950s but instead of paying $100 + for that, you can pay almost half when you buy directly from them. They also offer the official stick of the GGSU FB group.
  • M4G – A goalie gear company out of the Czech Republic. They offer completely custom options.
  • Passau – A Quebec based company that is gaining popularity in the various beer leagues for their quality equipment. They offer several graphic style options and can even do some custom graphics.
  • Simmons – A cheaper option but also very popular. They have different gear combo packages and is similar to a “senior” model from all the major brands ie CCM, Vaughn, Bauer.
  • OTNY – A small mask manufacturer that offers full fiberglass and kevlar shells and several options to help you get a great fitting mask.
  • Coveted – Mask designer that offers a wide variety and styles of masks
  • Kenesky Manufacturing – A long time equipment manufacturer. They can make anything form a full set to chest and arms to old school looking equipment.
  • Battram – Scott Battram has the ability to do every type of pad from gloves, blockers, pads, throat guards, and chest and arms. He also can do custom graphics and all made in Canada.

Hockey Accessories

  • Monster – A goalie accessory company that features unique and helpful enhancements to goalie equipment
  • Step – One of the best steel manufactures. Located in Canada, one of the most popular brands in North America and in the show.
  • JRZ – Makes amazing bags! A lot of pro teams go through them for their bags. They are very durable and similar to a Warrior Pro Carry bag but cheaper!
  • Byonic Skate Blades – Aftermarket skate blades that offer “up to 40% lighter”. They also come in cool colors to match your team unis or so you can be “that guy” on your beer league team and get the mirrored visor too.
  • Hockey Tracker App – A great app that is made by hockey players for hockey players. For more info, check out our feature piece here.
  • Mammoth – A hockey bag company that focuses on making high-quality durable bags.
  • Jacks Hockey Wax – A great wax company that makes several “flavors” including Beer!

Hockey Apparel

We are always looking to add more hockey equipment and apparel brands to the list. Let us know if we missed one. There are always new brands popping up!

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