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We have all heard look good play good, right? While that’s important there are articles on this blog about finding what works for you. That’s the same case with gloves. They may be overlooked but did you know that there are 3 different styles of gloves?

Standard / Traditional

Over the past 10 years or so, as glove fits have standardized into these “fits”, most companies have a standard fit. These are usually your four-roll gloves. The fit is wider and boxier throughout the whole glove, especially in the cuff area. They tend to be loose and are made to look like classic hockey gloves. They are a great selection for older players looking for a classic fit, or for players who want a loose-fitting glove.

Tapered Fit

These hockey gloves are probably the most common for players. They give the best of both worlds of tight / loose. The gloves tend to give more room up in the front near the gussets of the fingers and throughout the top part of the hand. Then, they tend to taper a bit near the cuff giving a tighter fit feel towards the back but yet wide enough for great wrist mobility,

Tight / Contoured Fit

A contoured fit glove is probably the newest fit for every manufacturer. I believe the first glove that offered this was the Total One glove by Bauer in the early 2010s. This style of fit resembled a lacrosse glove but with hockey padding. It’s great for players looking for a tight-fitting glove or are coming from lacrosse and want that style of fit.

Knowing what glove fit you want is helpful, especially if you’re particular on equipment. It’s also helpful to know the gloves and fits, so if ordering them online without seeing them or trying them on, you know what to expect. By knowing your glove style can help you really look good and play good.

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