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Buying goalie pads is not an easy task. There are several variables that go into it such as, do I have a hockey store that stocks goalie equipment and do they have my size or hand in stock? Does that store have the big name brand that I wanted to try or continue using? If all that falls into place and you can try pads on, how do they feel while trying them on wearing skates on a rubber mat? I am guessing pretty good! Then, after buying them, you take them out to the rink, and it’s totally different! If it is a terrible experience, you might have just spent thousands of dollars on something you hate! That’s where Infinity Goalie is stepping in. Infinity Goalie is changing the way you buy goalie equipment by letting the customer try them for 2 weeks before they buy them. This allows the customer to get a feel for the pads before fully committing to something they might not like.

How does this idea work?

Infinity Goalie’s idea is new and is different from the industry standard. The old way is to buy a product off the shelves or ordering it custom without trying it on the ice. Infinity is doing the opposite! Here is how it works…

  • You can either call or order online and then place your deposit.
  • After the initial order form has been placed, they will send a pad similar in size and breaks points to the one you just ordered to try out.
  • You then play as many times as you feel the need to during the 2-week trial.
  • Then, ship them back and let them know if you really like the pads or would like to cancel your order.
  • If you like them, they begin work on your new custom set!
  • If you don’t you get refunded the full amount!

** This is only for full sets or leg pads. Gloves can do this too but you will have to pay for the shipping on the gloves.

This process is really unique because it lets everyone who wants to try custom equipment do so. There is no pressure to order because Infinity doesn’t want a customer ordering something they will hate! The only time people can really try out equipment like this is if there are goalie demo days. Even then, it is only for a few hours on the ice. With Infinity, it is a full 2 weeks. That could be as little as 2 skates (if you play once a week) or if you’re like me, 8 times in the 2 weeks! Either way, it really lets the customer have more time than the 30 shots they might face at a goalie demo day!

What can be customized and does it come with my demo?

After you give them the green light to start building your pads, Infinity Goalie can do any type of custom order you need! They are more than happy to work with you on your set. They want to make sure you’re happy and love the pads. That is why you get to try them for the two weeks.

The trial set that they send is pretty close to what you will be getting. (Unless you get an untraditional size like a 34 + 3.) Most of the demo sets come in a plus 1 sizing. The gloves and blockers come in a senior and intermediate sizes. There may be different options with the equipment that is in stock to send you to try out to make sure it is as close to your custom set as possible.

The amount of customizations you can do is the same as any big brands! All the pads are built like the big brands. Infinity uses the latest foams and building processes to make sure they compare to the major brands. The pads can have custom breaks, strapping, flat face or knee rolls and of course custom colors! With gloves, it can split t pockets and even a 2 piece cuff or 1 piece. Of course, they can do custom colors! The blockers can do custom colors as well! All equipment can get custom embroidered with name / number and they have 2 designs that are fully customizable! If you can do it with a major brand, Infinity can most likely do it.

A full custom set, can I get sticks to match?

Infinity goalie is just getting into the equipment realm, but they have been making sticks for about three years. So they can help you get custom twigs to match your new set! Infinity goalie is one of the few places where you can get a 3 pack order of custom sticks. When customizing the sticks you can select your pattern, color, paddle length and get your name on the stick (*** Infinity can do custom graphics on ONLY 6 packs!). By being able to buy a lower number of custom sticks, goalies can now afford to have custom sticks like the pros all the time! This can help beer league guys just going to the store and hoping they have their paddle length (find out the importance of paddle length here), curve, and in stock.


Even though Infinity Goalie is the newest company making pads, their buying process is groundbreaking! By giving power to the goalie to let them fully experience their pads before buying, they allow them to fully decide if the pad is worth it. This allows the customer to fully get a feel for the pads before shelling out money for something they might not like, and no other company is doing that!

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