Infinity Goalie full custom set of goalie pads

After you give them the green light to start building your pads, Infinity Goalie can do any type of custom order you need! They are more than happy to work with you on your set. They want to make sure you’re happy and love the pads. That is why you get to try them for the two weeks.

The trial set that they send is pretty close to what you will be getting. (Unless you get an untraditional size like a 34 + 3.) Most of the demo sets come in a plus 1 sizing. The gloves and blockers come in a senior sizing. There may be different options with the equipment that is in stock to send you to try out to make sure it is as close to your custom set as possible. 

The amount of customizations you can do is the same as any big brands! All the pads are built like the big brands. Infinity uses the latest foams and building processes to make sure they compare to the major brands. The pads can have custom breaks, strapping, flat face or knee rolls and of course custom colors! With gloves, it can be the webbing (skate lace or regular) to split t pockets and even single cuff or double. Of course, they can do custom colors! The blockers can do custom colors as well! All equipment can get custom embroidered with name / number! If you can do it with a major brand, Infinity can most likely do it.