Lumbr Hockey

Over the past few years, the gap between big brand hockey stick companies and small startup companies has been narrowed. There is one new hockey company looking to show customers these brands, Lumbr Hockey.



Lumbr Hockey is a hockey stick website that finds boutique stick brands that focus on building a quality hockey sticks that do not break the bank. Every stick on their site is $99 with shipping! In addition to partnering these various brands, they are the exclusive dealer of Harrow sticks. They also have their own brand of sticks called Fish Sticks. In addition to these two brands, they also carry the Covet by our friend’s Arsenal. (Check out our review here.) Lumbr is focused on bringing the best sticks to players and at the best value!



Lumbr hockey was started by Jesse who saw that this gap between top end stick manufacturers and independent companies was very narrow and that folks didn’t like spending upwards of $200 for a decent stick. He constantly is on the lookout for the newest sticks and stick companies. He makes sure that with each stick company he partners with, they will sell sticks for $99-$150 with shipping. In the near future, they are looking to carry goalie sticks. Jesse takes pride in being the go-to site for your next stick!



While the near future plan is to expand into goalie sticks and continue to grow the number of sticks they carry, Lumbr hockey isn’t stopping there. They realize that hockey is expensive, and are looking to help bring that cost down. In addition to sticks, they are actively looking for and partnering with equipment and skate companies. Eventually, Lumbr Hockey will be your go-to site for hockey equipment too! Lumbr is hoping to be the site that shows all players that you don’t always need to use CCM, Bauer, or Warrior for top end equipment, and that independent companies make great stuff too!


The gap in great equipment, especially sticks is narrowing. Lumbr Hockey is the site that is one of the few companies helping expose that and sell great stuff at a great price. Check them out here!


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