Pond Hockey

People playing pond hockey on a snowy winter day

There isn't much that beats pond hockey, and over the past few days, it seems like most of North America has gotten to experience one of the best ways to play hockey!  With pond hockey so accessible over this week, it has certainly created some new fans and players for this great game.

What makes pond hockey so great, is that it allows everyone to play hockey together! There are the experienced vets that play all the time, to someone who might be trying out the game for the first time all playing on the same pond. This is a great way for new people to learn from other players in a fun environment.

With the only thing needed to play pond hockey is a frozen pond, stick, skates and a puck, the barrier to entry is so small! There is no need to wait for a specific public drop-in hockey, practice, or game for you to go out and play either! It is just simply going out and playing. With it being this easy to jump into a pickup game, everyone can play hockey and see why it is such a great game.

Another reason pond hockey is great is the lack of rules. With pond hockey, there isn’t a time limit like in a game, the game can go on for hours! There isn’t offsides or icing or any of the more complex rules that some new people might not understand the first few times playing. Pond hockey is about fun and a place to focus on developing your skill set. With the lack of rules, and playersputting emphasis on skill, it makes pond hockey a really fun time!

With winter just getting into the full swing of things. Hopefully, it stays this cold for everyone so they can go out and get a chance to experience the game in the simplest form!

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