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There is always something new for folks to try to get the most out of their game. We have covered some of those things on this blog from the Elevate stick to the Hockey Tracker App. Today is no different, we caught wind of a new way to sharpen your skates. It is becoming more popular in the US and Canada and it is called the Channel Z or Z Channel sharpening.

The Channel Z can be done by Pro Sharp’s sharpener which allows the sharpening wheel to have a “dual cut” as we will call it. It will sharpen the outside of the skate shallower but cut deeper into the middle. The skate essentially has four edges then. The deeper center cut allows for more control and grip into the ice . Prosharp also claims this sharpening can help get you more speed. There are also some folks that claim this cut can last longer since you do get a bit more edge with it.

** A word of caution that if you do want to try this cut, your skate blades do look la bit odd after getting them done as there is a line down the center. This line is the deeper cut. Then, also not every skate shop can do this type of cut. Only skate shops with a Pro Sharp sharpening machine can do this type of cut. If you can, it might be worth it to get extra steel and get them sharpened just in case since not every hockey store has a Prosharp machine.

Downlaod a PDF on Channel Z Here 

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