Third Assist Pond Hockey Gloves – Review

Who doesn’t love pond hockey aka our szn? It takes the game back to its original roots. I love it and find there isn’t much else better. However, being out in the cold might not be for everyone. That is where this super cool and unique product comes in. Third Assist has created a glove designed specifically for pond hockey! I was lucky enough to take these for a spin this winter and after a few weeks in, I am happy to give my thoughts! 


First Impression

My first impression when I got the gloves, is that I liked the traditional 4-roll and a little bit of a higher cuff. It feels like a throwback glove from the 80s or early 90s. I also like that when it comes up a bit higher than the modern glove, it helps keep your hands and wrist a bit warmer. There is an interior lining to help keep your hands warm.  In addition to the lining, there are other awesome design choices such as keeping the cuff of the glove open and wider to allow your coat or sweatshirt to go down in there and not impact how the glove fits or feels, and an all-leather palm to help give a great feel. 



How it plays 

Out of the box, it is a very stiff glove, especially if you’re coming from broken in gloves you have used for years. They are also longer than any other glove on the market. With that said, you might not get the wrist flex you’re used to with a shorter cuffed glove. However, pond hockey isn’t really about dangles. It does take a few skates to get used to the differences but after they break-in, they are a nice, comfortable, protective set of hockey gloves! 




The padding is really nice in the glove. The four-roll style ensures the top of the hands is protected. I also like the extended glove not only for warmth but for pond hockey, most folks just wear gloves and skates so to get a little extra is nice. 


The lining is unique in that is a wool shearing blend that helps insulate your hands. It’s very nice for cold days! I will say, if it’s a high pace skate, your hands might get a tad warm, which I didn’t mind since the alternative is too cold of hands. With the extra lining, the glove does fit a bit tighter. In years, past, with my ice hockey gloves, I would drop in a hand warmer. I haven’t done this yet, but I don’t think it would fit with how tight the glove fits. The liner is only on the back which does allow for a good feel of the stick / puck. 



I love these gloves! If you play outdoor hockey, these gloves are a must. They are pretty protective, and they also keep your hands warm! They take a few skates to break in but once they do, they are well worth it! While it’s a very unique product, they solve the problem of how to keep playing outside with cold hands without wearing extra layers or adding in hand warmers which can both impact your performance. You shouldn’t play pond hockey without these gloves! 


To order gloves visit Third Assist! IF you would like to learn more about Third Assist and their other unique products, check out the other articles here. 


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