What are hockey stick kick points?

Hockey stick kick points can be confusing. All sticks from the classic wooden ones to the most modern Bauer ADV have them. It is different than the flex of a stick but flex does play into it. (The flex of a stick is how many pounds of pressure is needed to bend the stick one inch. See full article on flex here.) Another name for kick point is flex point. The most common ones are mid-kick points and low-kick points, but what does that mean? That means it’s the point where the stick is supposed to flex or bend to get the most power out of your shot. 

Low Kick Points

Low kick means the kick point is towards the bottom of the shaft. These sticks are great for getting quick snapshots and wrist shots off as the energy transfer is closer to the puck. The further the point is away from the ice, the longer the load / energy transfer. 

Some popular examples would be: 

  • Warrior Alpha
  • Warrior Covert
  • True AX 9
  • Bauer Vapor
  • CCM RibCor


Mid Kick Points

The kick point is in the middle of the shaft and is a good balance of both low and high kick points. It is very popular for all levels of players and allows for both good energy transfer in hard shots but also great whip for accuracy.

Some popular examples would be:

  • Bauer Nexus 
  • CCM Jetspeed


High Kick Points

A High kick point allows for more loadabilty and energy transfer into a shot. This in theory allows for harder shots. However, because it takes longer for the energy transfer down the shaft to get into the shot, it can take a little longer to get off the shot. However, the trade-off, in theory, is a harder and more powerful shot. 

Some popular examples would be: 

  • Bauer Supreme
  • CCM Tacks 

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