What are sublimated jerseys?

Did you know that stylish custom jerseys are becoming the norm for beer league teams around the rink? Teams at every level are picking up new threads and are looking sharp. But how? There is a fairly new printing technique called dye sublimation or sublimated printing. This technique is allowing sublimated jerseys to be printed at a cost-effective rate that allows almost every beer league team to look unique.

What are sublimated jerseys?

Sublimated jerseys are not like the pro NHL jerseys. They are not cut-and-sewn jerseys. However, they can look like one. A sublimated jersey looks like whatever you design. That is because the jersey gets directly printed on. So whatever you come up with, gets printed. This is how these jerseys are so cheap. You can get various materials and weights of jerseys, make a digital design and apply it via the dye sublimation printing process. Players are not limited like with cut-and-sew jerseys.

Are sublimated jerseys popular?

They are getting more popular every year. In addition to lots of beer league teams using them, you may see them elsewhere. Junior teams are using them. A lot of them do special jersey nights with them such as a cancer awareness night. There are youth organizations moving to them and lots of college club programs are using them!

Where can I find sublimated jerseys?

Sublimated jerseys, for the most part, are a custom process. So there are a few sites that offer this. One of my favorites is Upper Edge Hockey. They have designed jerseys for all types of teams. Jerseys can start around $49.95 USD depending on what kind you select and how many you need!
Thanks to sublimated jerseys, being able to be printed at cost-effective rates, allows almost every beer league team to look unique, looking good to play good doesn’t have to break the bank!

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