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What does plus sizing mean on goalie pads?

Goalie pad sizing is sometimes confusing. The most confusing part for some folks is the plus sizing or what does the +2 mean? Most pads have a +1 or +2 sizing, ex 34+2. The plus sizing means how many extra inches are added to the top of the pad. This helps with 5-hole coverage when in the butterfly.


The plus sizing is important for people to consider. For example, if your knee lands in the middle of the knee stack on a 34 inch pad, but a +1 doesn’t cover the 5-hole when in the butterfly, moving up to a 35 +1 is the wrong way to think. By moving up to a 35, your knee isn’t in the center of the knee stack. This means pad isn’t going to fit properly. By adding an inch to the thigh rise, and making the pad a 34+2, or 34+x you have solved your issue of closing the 5-hole and getting your pad to fit.

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