What Is Hockey Wax?

Have you ever wondered what that light colored texture is at the end of a stick blade? For some people its a light blue, others it could be pink or green. Or if you’re Patrick Kane its a few strips of black along his white tape. That “texture” is hockey wax. Hockey wax helps protect your tape and keep your blade snow-free, and because it helps prevent ice buildup and makes the cloth tape tackier. This it allows the player to have better control of the puck.

Hockey wax is used by several players and is available at any pro shop or online hockey store! There are various manufacturers such as Mr.Zogs Sex Wax, Howies, or our favorite Jack’s Hockey Wax. The wax is made to be fairly soft so it applies easily onto the tape. It also has a scented smell (in our case beer) and some waxes have a different color. By using wax, it creates a more “water resistant” surface on the tape so it prevents ice build up on the blade. The wax also makes the tape tackier, thus allowing the player to be able to control the puck better. This advantage could help you dangle your way through the defense for that game-winning goal! It’s no wonder that with this advantage, several players use wax.

Using the wax is fairly simple! Simply apply it by sliding it along the blade after the tape is applied. You can apply as much or as little as you need. I do the whole blade in tape and a heavy coat of wax. Some players add wax after every game until they need to retape their stick and some just wax once. It’s up to the player!

Hockey wax is great. It’s a cheap cost-effective way to give you a slight advantage by giving you better control of the puck!

If you’re looking for some great wax, check out Jack’s Hockey Wax! They have a great assortment of “scents” to try out and keeps your blade tacky and snow free!

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