What is Pro Stock Hockey Equipment?

Over the past few years, people have found a way to get high-end equipment without breaking the bank. How? What is the secret? The secret is pro stock equipment. Pro stock hockey equipment is a great way to get high-end equipment at a great price.


What is pro stock hockey equipment?

Pro stock hockey equipment is top end player’s gear from college to pro level that is resold to beer league guys. Pro stock equipment can be used or unused. It depends on the team and player.


Pro stock equipment is made for a specific player. (Unless specified as team stock. ) Pro stock can have features that aren’t available to the general public. Some modifications can include blade patterns for sticks, extra padding over the top part of gloves, modifications to skates such as various holders or liners even skates at different sizes, goalie pads with different straps or materials, and the list can go on and on. The equipment is made for that specific player, where the equipment at the hockey store is made for the masses. **


In addition to all the different features, because it is made for pros you’re getting the top end materials. You are also getting some of the best employees working on that equipment. If you’re not getting a stick, most skates and pads are still made in North America for the pros. This ensures that highest quality materials and care go into the equipment.


** Team stock is most commonly found in sticks. Team stock sticks are usually given to colleges or junior teams. They are a quality stick and usually limit the patterns to what are the most common since it is around $3000 / blade mold.


** Another difference some might notice with sticks is flex. A general stick off the rack at the hockey store can be within 10 flex points of the number marked. So an 85 can be 80-90. A pro stock stick has to be within 3. So an 85 can be 84-86.



Where to get pro stock?

Pro stock equipment is available in a lot of places. Your local team or college program might have a team sale. These usually happen at the end of the year, or during the summer, where teams clean out all the excess equipment and sell it to the public. If you don’t live close to a team that offers an equipment sale, don’t worry some websites have the equipment. There is one site, prostockhockey.com based out of Chicago, that gets only pro stock equipment in. Most of the gear they receive is brand new or very lightly used. Pro stock equipment may seem like it should be more expensive, but most equipment can actually be found at a lower price than retail equipment.


So there is the secret… pro stock. Pro stock hockey equipment is a great way to get high-end equipment at a great price!

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