Where To Cut A Hockey Stick

Hockey sticks are the most important thing needed to play the game. Sticks, unfortunately, do not come one size fits all or perfect out of the box for most players. Hockey sticks need to be cut custom to the player to help them get the best performance out of the stick.


Where do I need to cut my hockey stick?

Hockey stick length is a personal preference as you get older. However, the proper way to measure where to cut a stick is to :

  • Stand straight with both feet flat.
  • Take the stick out in front you and stand it with the toe of the blade on the floor and stand it up straight. (Make sure the whole blade is NOT making contact, just the toe).
  • Then make a mark on the shaft where you would like the stick to be cut.
  • Cut the stick

Cutting a stick can be done at most rinks or pro shops, and can even be done at home with a hand saw.


For young players, the rule of thumb is to cut it at the tip of the nose. As players get older they’ll have a personal preference. Most defensive players might prefer a longer stick. This allows for a longer reach and can help the player take up more space against opponents. A good starting point to try this is to cut the stick at the eyebrows. Some offensive players might prefer a smaller stick for better puck control. A good starting point might be at the chin.


The best way to figure out where to cut your stick is to try it out! (If you do cut it too short, you can always add an extension!)



What does cutting a stick change about my stick?


Besides the height of the stick, cutting it does affect a few different things. Cutting a stick plays a role in flex points and stiffness. Most sticks have a “flex” number. This number represents the number of pounds of pressure or force that is needed to bend the stick an inch. The higher the number, the stiffer the stick. By cutting the stick, you change how stiff it is! In addition to being able to change the stiffness, it also can change where the flex point is. Depending on the stick, if you cut it down a lot you can change the flex points which can change how the stick plays for you. This is another thing to keep in mind when cutting a stick. If for example, you cut a stick about 3 inches after buying it, you might want to avoid a taller stick that some companies like Warrior and Bauer make on their higher-end sticks. These newer high-end models can come in a 3 inch taller option. If you cut 6 inches off this version of the stick, you might change the whole way it plays!


Hockey sticks are crucial to playing the game! Hockey sticks need to be cut custom to the player to help them get the best performance out of the stick.

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